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Tuesday – Saturday : 10am – 7pm

Sunday and Monday: Closed

Address: 1224 South 9th Street Canon City CO 81212

Phone: +1 719-315-2445



  1. Social media: Many tattoo artists maintain active profiles on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You can try searching for ExtraInk on these platforms and send them a direct message or check if they have contact information listed on their profile.
  2. Tattoo studio website: If ExtraInk works at a specific tattoo studio, you might find their contact information on the studio’s website. Look for an “artists” or “team” section where individual artists are listed along with their contact details.
  3. Visit the studio: If you know the location of the tattoo studio where ExtraInk works, you can visit in person during their business hours. This gives you the opportunity to meet the artist, discuss your tattoo ideas, and schedule an appointment.

Remember to be respectful and professional when reaching out to tattoo artists. Provide clear information about the tattoo you’re interested in and any questions you may have.

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