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Tattoo Design Techniques-Artist Advice

Tattoo Design Techniques-Artist Advice
Tattoo Design Techniques-Artist Advice: Making the transition from a blank paper to a finished design can be challenging for a tattoo artist who is just starting out. It is considerably more difficult to draw something that not only looks nice on paper, but also looks well on someone’s body. This is because drawing something that looks good on paper is not enough.

When it comes to creating a tattoo, having knowledge of the best practices will not only help you produce better work, but it will also make you more efficient and lessen the likelihood of you experiencing artist’s block when you are at a loss for what to draw.

At the conclusion of this piece, you will have the knowledge necessary to get beyond the blank page and construct a design that is strong.

Ways to Create a Tattoo Design

One might choose from two distinct approaches when designing a tattoo. Here are two options:

  • Draw it out on paper
  • Design it digitally 

You will still be required to go through the same three steps regardless of whether you are drawing on paper or digitally created.

At the same time as you are putting your thoughts together, finding appropriate reference photographs will help you start the brainstorming process. Additionally, they will provide you with a starting point for your artistic endeavors when you finally begin.

Particularly useful for styles such as realism are photographs that serve as references. To illustrate, you could be able to draw a fantastic tiger from memory, but if you trace a wonderful reference image, it will appear much better than if you just drew it from memory.

Pick a Tattoo Style

classic tattoo style

Pick a Color Palette

traditional tattoo style neo traditional tattoos japanese tattoo style
A portion of the colors that you decide to utilize in your tattoo design will be determined by the style that you are working in. In order to create a design that is in the American Traditional style, you need keep to the colors red, yellow, green, and black. You can utilize vivid and striking colors if you are working on a composition that is related to Japanese culture or a new school. In addition, if you are working with realism, the color palette you choose will be determined by the realistic appearance of the subject you are depicting.

Drawing your tattoo design by hand is the first design technique mentioned.

It is recommended that you sketch in layers. Because of this, you will have multiple chances to improve your work and become familiar with your design before you tattoo it.

Using Digital Tattoo Design as the Second Design Technique

Using layers is still the most effective method of drawing, even when you are using digital tools. However, rather of drawing them yourself, you may just import reference photographs using the program.

For instance, in this picture, each of the pieces that were modified from photographs would be placed on a separate “layer” in Photoshop or Procreate, which would allow them to overlap with one another. First, you can design a “mock-up” of the tattoo by using a stock image of a body part. This will allow you to ensure that the tattoo will look well on the body.

blackwork tattoo style on arm

Tattoo Design Rules

As a result of the fact that tattooing is an art form, there are not many guidelines that govern the designs of tattoos. The appearance of your tattoo designs on the body, on the other hand, will be much improved if you adhere to these instructions.

The Artist Accelerator Program will introduce you to the world of tattoo design.

The first stage in developing a career in tattooing is to acquire knowledge of design techniques and to put those techniques into practice.

Trying to find all of the information that you require, on the other hand, can be a time-consuming endeavor that can also result in unwise or even dangerous behaviors.

It is for this reason that we established the first and largest online education platform in the world. Through the Artist Accelerator Program offered by Tattooing 101, you will not only have access to all of the most recent information that you require in a single location, but you will also have access to an active online community of students and experienced tattoo artists who will provide you with comments, support, and guidance.

It is possible to learn how to tattoo at your own speed and in the convenience of your own home thanks to the program, which contains everything you require to learn how to tattoo.

Over two thousand and five hundred aspiring artists have been able to break into the tattooing industry with the assistance of our expert tattoo artist instructors. Many of these artists have gone on to create their own shops. You can become a professional tattoo artist in as little as ninety days if you enroll in our classes and become one of our pupils.

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